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Got Friends? Get Cash! Touchstone Orthodontics Referral Program

Got Friends? Get Cash!

Did you know that Touchstone Orthodontics offers a referral program that pays patients (that’s YOU!) cold, hard cash? It’s true!

At Touchstone, we take great pride in helping our patients discover their best smiles with the help of orthodontics. Dr. Long and the rest of the Touchstone staff care very much about our patients and their experiences with us, and we like to think the feelings are mutual.

If you love seeing Dr. Long and her team, help us spread the word. Our referral program is super easy and benefits everybody. We get to help more people, your friend gets the smile of his or her dreams, and you get money in your pocket! Win. Win. WIN.

Here’s how the referral program works.

  • Tell your friends about Touchstone Orthodontics

  • Give them our phone number so they can schedule a consultation

  • Your friend becomes an official Touchstone patient

  • Come by the office and collect your $100!

That’s it! It’s really that simple. Want to know more? Ask about the referral program at your next appointment. See you (and hopefully your friends) soon!

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