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Myths About Braces

Since their proliferation in the mid-20th century, braces have become an element of pop culture. They’re written into storylines and television scripts, seen in movies and even featured in advertising. But along with their cultural status, braces have also been the subject of some urban legends. We’re here to defend their honor and dispel some of those rumors.

Top Myths About Braces

  • Braces will set off metal detectors. The metal picked up by detectors isn’t the same kind of metal used in orthodontic braces. So fear not. You won’t be pulled out of the security line for your braces anytime soon.

  • Braces are for kids and teens. While they’re most commonly applied in childhood and teen years, braces are also an option later in life. In fact, we’ve treated many patients with adult braces here at Touchstone Orthodontics.

  • You can’t eat normal foods with braces. There are some foods to avoid when you have braces, but for the most part, you can eat what you normally eat. You need only minor and temporary adjustments to your typical diet during treatment.

  • Braces always hurt. When you first get your braces on, you will probably have some minor discomfort, but it subsides quickly. If cared for and working properly, braces should never be painful.

  • If you kiss someone else with braces, you can get locked together. A common trope in movies and television, this myth just won’t die. Funny as it may be, it’s almost certainly untrue: It is virtually impossible for braces to get intertwined and locked during a kiss.

They sure can offer a good laugh, but don’t fall for these untruths about braces and orthodontics. Have questions or concerns about getting braces? We’d love to hear from you! Give us a call any time, or fill out the form to get in touch.

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