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Invisalign First®

As a child grows, their smile grows with them. Even with baby teeth, Dr. Long can see developing problems that may need early treatment. This is known as Phase 1 treatment.

Invisalign First may be a perfect option for children between ages 6 to 10. These clear, removable aligners are used when there is a mix of baby and permanent teeth.

The goal of Phase 1 treatment with Invisalign First is to develop the jaws and dental arches early in order to make space for both existing teeth and future permanent teeth.

Some other benefits Invisalign® First include:

  • Prevent current bite issues from getting worse

  • Fix existing tooth crowding or spacing

  • Improve the appearance of a growing child’s smile

  • Correct mild crossbites

  • Make Phase 2 shorter and easier

Typically Phase 1 is treated with traditional braces, but thanks to the latest technology, you now have another treatment option.

No more poking, broken wires and no more food restrictions!

Removable aligners mean there is little interruption to your child’s life. Plus, they can still eat all the foods they love. There is no need to miss out on popcorn at the movies or other fun foods while spending time with friends. Children can continue to eat what they want!

Also, there is no need to worry about brushing and flossing. Because the aligners are removable, they can brush without hassle and keep good hygiene habits on track.

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